As mentioned in the Malaysia post (found here), I mentioned we did Malaysia and Singapore over a long weekend. The flight from Malaysia to Singapore Changi airport was only one hour. In fact, we only stayed in Singapore for the day, 18 hours to be exact. We arrived at 7 am, and left at 1 am (yes a red eye). I think one day was enough to do all we wanted to. We ended up doing luggage storage inside the airport as soon as we went through customs. As soon as we dropped the luggage off we headed out to explore. We did the jewel with was located inside the airport, and then used Grab for everywhere else.


We headed to Little India and the Perinkakan houses to take pics of the colorful houses.

Dress linked here.



Then we headed to Gardens by the bay. There are separate parts that require tickets but we only did the floral garden, and I got those tickets on klook. This was beautiful. So many flowers everywhere and it resembled a fairy garden.

Dress linked HERE.

When I looked through my camera I realized I didn't get a good shot of the Marina Bay Sands, just this one that was taken on my iPhone.

After this we headed back to the airport which by the way, incase you didn't know is an attraction itself. It's also a huge mall with lots of shopping stores and restaurants. We used our AMEX/Priority pass to use the lounges, like we do every time we travel. Except this time we found a lounge with showers so we were able to take showers before boarding our red eye flight back to Seoul. This was great considering the weather in Singapore was extremely hot and humid and our clothes were practically sticking to our bodies so we appreciated the ability to shower! 

I think Singapore is a must see if you have the opportunity. It reminds me of Vegas; it's a must do at least one time in your life if you can. I also have to admit, I am a fan of the Crazy Rich Asians movie which contributed to wanting to visit here :)