Favorite cafes around Pyeongtaek, Korea

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Finally sharing this post I started when we first got here to Korea (August 2023).....

If you're new to the area, have been here a bit, or will be arriving soon, I wanted to share some of my favorite cafes around Pyeongtaek. Some are all within walking distance from the walk in gate to base and some you'll need to drive to. While we were in the hotel waiting for a house i took advantage and walked around (or took a cab) to a majority of these cute coffee shops. The first thing that caught my eye about these coffee shops were that most are huge, like two-three floors. Something I'm not used to from the US. They are also very detailed which I love. I know we just moved to the area so I am positive I will be updating this post frequently with new places. I have also noted if these places have PSL (pumpkin spice lattes) in the fall. You can find all of these using naver maps.


My favorite and it's located a good two minutes from our house :)


I've been here several times but have always ordered an iced coffee. This time I got a caramel macchiato and it had this art on it. So cute!




                                                                  MAIN STREET CAFE

This is such a cute place. It resembles New York City. There is also a kid's section with. play area a tables where you can sit and enjoy your coffee and food while watching your kids play. I really loved the Alice in Wonderland 3D inspired decor and floors.


The owner is super sweet, and so is her dog Louie! Before we moved to the area I was already following her Facebook page and knew this was one of the first places I wanted to try.

I highly recommend the iced horchata latte. She also makes a really good PSL in the fall.


This is another spot located in the Ville. We go to Sky Blue dental here and it is located on the second floor of this same building. During one of the kids' visits I stopped in and tried their PSL and it was great. The owner(s) are great.



This is a cute place with really good desserts. It is located in the Ville across from Kakao realty. One of my friends got here two days before we did so we went to this coffee shop a few times for coffee and desserts. I've had the iced white mocha, and a blueberry latte.


Super cute place and really good donuts and coffee. I got the butter beer latte. She also makes a good PSL in the fall :)


                                                                    Road 1950 Cafe


Roadhouse burger and rainbow cake my three year old had to have, lol. It was good! The burger was loaded with stuff like onion rings, wings, fries, and pineapple.

Their decor was really cute. There was a lot more outside but it was pouring so we didn't go out there.

                                                                 Cosmic Cat donuts

This place is located in the Ville. The donuts are huge! Coffee is great. They also offer PSL during season.

Cafe Hangout

Don't let the name fool you, this place has the BESSSST cookies! It is located right across from Cosmic Cat Donuts so stop here on your way. Their coffee is amazing too; they also offer PSL in season.

The BEST cookies everrrr. Red velvet and oreo are my favorites, and of course the classic chocolate chip. Their cakes are also pretty good.


Into The Forest

This is a cute places located right near Brownstone. PSL available in the fall.


                                                                 Gravity Cafe
Cute place, has 2-3 floors and a whole lot of pastries.


Archive Cafe

This is a perfect cafe. If you're looking for a place with a huge food and dessert variety, this is your place. It was overwhelming trying to decide what to get there because everything looked amazing. We got a caramel macchiato and an ice coconut latte.


Monster Doughnut 
Not a coffee spot exactly, but there is coffee sold here along with these donuts!







Bee & Honey
Cute place with honey samples. The croissant waffles with ice cream are delicious.



Cute sitting area for groups or coffee meet ups.

different types of honey


Cafe Black Moon
an all black cafe, my style! 


Cafe De Aqua

Located in the Starfield Anseong mall, which is about a 30 minute drive from Camp Humphreys. This is a perfect cafe to visit with kids. There are a ton of fish, turtles, etc in there. We walked by so many times and it was so crowded, this time it was completely empty so we stopped in and it did not disappoint. They have coffee, and a few other iced drinks, and pastries. My 3 year old loved it :)





View my Tik Tok on some of these places HERE.