Retailers that ship APO (and how long it takes!)

Happy Friday and Happy Lunar New Year!

Today I'm sharing retailers that ship APO. I've used a majority of these retailers in Europe and now here in Asia. I am also sharing how long it took to receive these packages and if they are on the fast boat or slow boat.

tip: To figure out how long your item(s) will take to arrive, look at your tracking info. If the last US destination in the tracking info is Los Angeles, or any port on the west-coast, that usually means it is on the slow boat and will take weeks (even months!) to arrive. This usually means it's associated with fed-ex which takes forever.

If the last destination in the US tracking is Chicago, then it's on the fast boat. Usually when my Amazon items arrive/leave Chicago, I know it's almost always 5-6 days after that date that my item(s) will arrive :)

This is important to know especially if you have a specific timeline that you'll need your things by, like a ball gown, things for school/classrooms, or Christmas gifts for example.

Let's go!


Fast boat! - and my most common retailer! Amazon usually takes about 10 days. Usually the date that is displayed on your arriving by estimate, it will arrive a week before that date. Not everything will ship though! You will see the heart wrenching red font "This item is restricted from your shipping address" under the item. In that case, I will ship to my mom and have her mail the item to me. In Europe we had Amazon de (German Amazon) - and you could order your items and have them delivered to your off post address in like two days! ... but here in Korea that doesn't exist. I wish it did! Amazon is a great source for just about anything- home decor, clothes, shoes, health, beauty, etc.


Fast boat! Thank god I can still order from Target! This came through for home decor and clothes for my toddler. We love the Cat & Jack brand. Some items may take longer if they're backordered but Target does a great job keeping you informed of those delivery dates. There may also be restrictions on some items. It wouldn't let me order a liquid blush or ground coffee for some reason but Amazon said I got you girl! 😉 Note: you will need a VPN to even access the site or app! If you are unfamiliar with a VPN, it's basically a service that tricks the site into thinking you are still stateside. You will also need  the VPN for some streaming apps too, fyi! Just make sure you do your research and ask in the local Facebook groups if that specific VPN will work for what you need it to. We purchased one when we first got here and I was able to access Target, but my streaming apps wouldn't work properly, they kept detecting I was overseas. We ultimately switched to PureVPN and can access everything with zero issues. This is also just for Asia, we didn't need a VPN for Target when we lived in Europe.


fast boat! 2-3 weeks max. Walmart is a great option for home decor, clothes, shoes, and even some non perishable food options. 


fast boat! I usually get my orders within 2-3 weeks. Free People tends to run big so make sure you read reviews and the sizing chart to avoid returns. 


fast boat! but it depends on what you order and if it will ship. I tried to order a pair of boots and my order was cancelled, not sure why. I was also only able to enter my APO address on the app only and not the website. The website had APO addresses on there but not AP for Armed Pacific. Also! Make sure you take note of the "shipped by". I've noticed now that a lot of items will be shipped from various brands/shipping partners and not actually Macy's itself which can cause a delay in shipping. Read the reviews and do the research on he shipping partner.


fast boat! Usually 2-3 weeks max. Nordstrom is a great option for formal gowns, shoes, beauty, and other clothing and luxury items.


slow boat! a month+. While I don't shop at ASOS often, I do like some of their pieces. I ordered a gown once and luckily i ordered it early enough but it took forever to get here. 


Fast boat! Hallelujah! It can be challenging to find Nespresso pods locally. There are Nespresso stores around Korea, but they only sell the machines and not the pods. I've heard some places do sell the pods locally but I haven't found them yet. If you do find a local place to buy the pods I heard they're cheaper here which is a plus. Ordering from the site is generally fast, about 2-3 weeks. I have also ordered pods from Amazon and Target and both have arrived within two weeks. I have the vertuo plus so I need those pods, but I have seen other Nespresso pods for different machines locally. If you're in a pinch though I do recommend this instant espresso which I have purchased at the commissary before and works great while you're waiting on those pods to arrive. Or you can venture out and enjoy the local coffee shops; that's always a better option. If you need suggestions on those, I have some listed on this post here


Fast boat! However that might be depending on what you're ordering. Usually items that are custom made can take a little longer. But in general, Etsy has always been fast once the order is shipped!


fast boat! However, I always just go in store! There are plenty of H&M stores all over Asia and Europe. Thank the lord :)


fast boat! Typically two weeks max, but I've received things in under a week. Also if you didn't know, the PX on base now carries some Old Navy and GAP items. I noticed this at the Fort Bliss Exchange, and now Camp Humphreys. So depending on what you're looking for, you may be able to find it at the PX. I found this out not too long ago and was like a deer in headlights. lol While you can definitely get items cheaper online with a coupon code, know that you may have the in store option as well.


fast boat! I order from Shein all the time and my orders usually take 2-3 weeks max. Great option for travel pieces and resort wear. All cheap and pretty good quality, just make sure to read reviews and photos on accurate sizing.


slow boat! I love Lululemon but it's best to shop in store if you can. Depending on where you're located I recommend shopping in store. We have a few lulu stores here in Korea, thank god!


slow boat! I ordered an item from Saks in October, and it didn't arrive until December- almost January! So for my AmEx people, yes you can still get the credits, just plan accordingly :)


Fast boat! Nordstrom has always been a great retailer for clothes, beauty, and shoes. Especially during the annual sale! I want to say it typically takes about 3 weeks.


Slow boat! Ulta ships APO but very slowly. Ulta is a favorite retailer of mine but I will either shop for my items on Amazon, Target, or the local PX on post if it's a drugstore brand. For my Germany military people, you can buy the NYX brand off post! I love NYX and I have many products that I love from the brand. In the beginning I was ordering online and didn't realize most of the products were sold on the economy at the local drugstores! In Korea, that isn't an option. No American brands are sold off post, and your best bet for a store like Ulta would be Olive Young.


Fast boat! It usually takes about 2-3 weeks. There may be some restrictions on items though. Also, in case you didn't know, when Ulta does their 21 days of beauty deals Sephora always price matches the same deals if they carry the brand and item, AND they offer free shipping! We also have Sephora stores here in Korea too if you need something asap. They may not carry every brand like the US, but we have that option to go in store or order online. A similar local store here in Korea is Olive Young.


slow boat! 1-2 months. If you can wait, I'd do it. But I'm impatient, lol so usually Amazon is my go to. I've heard Zappos is fast, however I haven't used them myself personally. Worth a try!


Fast boat! It usually takes about 2-3 weeks - happy dance! Also, if you see something you want just buy it. I hate when it takes weeks, even months, for Abercrombie restocks! Especially their jeans!


fast boat! 2-3 weeks wait. The PX also carries AE items too if you rather buy asap.


Fast boat! - and of my favorite retailers for ball gowns!  I love the quality of Lulu’s clothing, especially the quality of the gowns I've ordered. I've always been happy with my purchases. They also offer a military discount, just follow the prompts to sign up or sign in. Two weeks max wait time. Another thing I love about Korea, the turnaround for alterations is insane. I got my dress in the mail and took it to get hemmed the very same day (it was too long) and it was done and ready for pick up two days later! 


Fast boat! I've been shopping at pink lily for years and have always been happy with their stuff. I've also ordered gowns from here for photos and have been happy with the quality.


fast boat! Red dress is a great option for gowns as well. They also have cute clothes and accessories in general.


Fast boat! Revolve is a fun site to shop on because they carry so many different brands.


Fast boat! I don’t shop at shopbop too often but when i do i’m glad i have the option of shipping APO! Also! If you have amazon prime you get free two day prime shipping and free returns! Just make sure you link your prime account for this benefit. 3 weeks eta.


Fast boat! Another favorite retailer of mine for gowns. I've ordered from baltic born a few times now for family photo dresses and other occasions. Two weeks max.


fast boat! Express is a great option not only for women but for men too. I love when my husband shops here because he always looks like he stepped out of GQ.


Fast boat! I love the quality of J Crew clothing. Ordering and delivery time frame is about 3 weeks. 


Slow boat! There are plenty of Nike, UA, and Adidas stores or stores that sell these products in Korea and in Europe as well. This is important for my friends with kids who play sports and need cleats and other things. We tried to order football cleats from Under Armour and it was a two month projected arrival date so we checked with Adidas and it was the same wait. Umm what? We ended up finding cleats off post here in Korea at the local mall (first village if you’re around the Pyeongtaek area). 

Are there any other retailers that you order from that ship APO? Let me know below and i will update this post :)