If you know me, you know that I have been a book nerd since I was a kid. I was always that kid that stayed up late reading, and even now as an adult that hasn't changed, lol. I remember in middle school on the last day of school before summer break they handed out books that were required to be read over the summer. I finished the entire book (The Outsiders!) that same night, lol so yes, I do love reading. Moving to Korea I knew one of the first things I wanted to do was check out Starfield Co-ex library. I've seen it on social media for years and once we arrived and were still living in the hotel waiting on a house we went to Seoul for the day and checked it out. It's located inside the mall which is a field trip itself. There are some good stores in there as well as an aquarium.

It was amazing! So crowded but so awesome seeing everyone just as excited as I was over a library.

Starfield Co-Ex Library


Starfield Suwon Library

A few months later a second library opened up in the Starfield mall in Suwon. This one was even better than the original in Co-ex! 

outfit linked HERE.

If you're heading to Korea, definitely add these two locations to your list, I promise you it's worth the stop!