As I approach 35 weeks, I wanted to share what I’m planning on bringing to the hospital with me. As I’ve stated before, this is our 3rd baby., so i know exactly what i need and what I don’t. However, everyone is different. I will say: bring whatever makes YOU most comfortable. 

So, with my oldest, I had a c-section. Long story short: i was in labor for hours and never felt the need to “push”. Turns out he was actually stuck so we decided to do a c-section at the end. 

With my second, i had a successful VBAC. If you don’t know what a VBAC is, it’s a vaginal birth after c-section.  

With this baby, I am hoping for another VBAC. Why am I telling you this? Because sometimes things do happen and you don’t end up getting the type of birth plan you had hoped for. So you may not need everything you brought with you to the hospital. For example, with a c-section you wouldn’t  need the ice/perineal pads, you would just need regular pads. 

FYI, the hospital does provide you with a decent amount of things to help you such as pads, witch hazel, and meds - i just find it easier to bring my own so i have access to them at all times and won’t have to wait on anyone to bring me things. 

My bag is just the minimal. I didn’t want to bring anything extra other than what i actually need. Baby’s bag is a little different because it is her actual diaper bag. 


bag can be found here

My bag:  

1. Nursing bras - these are very comfortable. Also have a clip down button for feeding. I sized up to a large in these. 

2. Undies - these are great for recovery regardless if you have a natural birth or c-section. I recommend sizing up for comfort (remember- you’ll have a huge pad on as well) I sized up to a medium. 

3. Perineal cold pack pads (not pictured) - i found these on amazon. They come in a pack of 24 for under $30 compared to the fridamom pads which come in a pack of 8 for $20. You just crack them and they are basically an ice pack for your “area”. Even if you end up having a c-section these are still pretty handy to keep around the house for other injuries. Also, might be a little tmi - but it also doesn’t hurt to use these prior to labor since you can get uncomfortable and swollen down there. Gotta love the “perks” of pregnancy ;) I’m also packing these tucks pads. 

4. Peri bottle (not pictured because I’ll be using the hospital one until i get home) - this is good for warm water to cleanse after using the restroom. This upside down version was not around when i had my other two kids so I’m excited to use this lol. 

5. Nursing pads (not pictured) - i feel like this is hit or miss because everyone is different. With my first, i started leaking in the hospital and could’ve used these. With my second, my milk supply didn’t come in until 2-3 days later so I didn’t need these. I say take a few just incase. I’m not sure if the hospital provides some but I have about 6-8 sets packed just incase. 

6. Nipple cream (not pictured) - always good to have on you , just incase . This is my go to brand! 

7. Pjs, robe + slippers- i grabbed this pj set from Target about a month ago and have been living in it ever since lol they are VERY comfy! They also come in different versions such as long sleeve/pants or a nightgown. Slippers are always good for walking around. I also packed fuzzy slipper socks for when I’m in the bed. 

8. Tumbler (not pictured) - i’m bringing this to refill with ice water. I love this tumbler - i use it every single day for my ice water with lemon. 

9. Snacks/breastfeeding supplements - always good to pack snacks. Especially now with covid, your SO may not be able to leave the hospital to bring you food. I know our hospital cafeteria closes ridiculously early so I am planning to bring snacks for sure as well as some breastfeeding supplements to start taking asap after delivery to increase my supply. These cookies were highly rated so I’m excited to try these. 

10. Camera - will probably just use my iPhone rather than lug my huge camera around. That way i can get some editing done while I’m there. 

11. Long phone charger- (not pictured) I will be purchasing one from apple. I know a lot of people recommend ones off amazon but honestly, I’ve had bad luck with any charger that isn’t apple. Lol so I’d rather just get that one rather than waste money on crappy chargers. I also have our portable chargers as well. 

12. handheld fan- (not pictured) this fan has traveled all over the world with me and has been one of my go-to’s this pregnancy. I’ve had a lot of “hot flashes”/anxiety attacks due to the rush of hormones and I’ve had to use this fan a lot to cool me down. I have carried it in my purse every single day of my pregnancy (which is why it’s not pictured lol!) , i love it! (Rechargeable too!) 

13. Toiletries: Dry shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste. Disposable make up wipes, deodorant, Chapstick, lotion- etc. I typically just wait to shower at home so I don’t bring any of that stuff. If I end up needing anything else I can have Frankie bring me items. 

14. Stress ball- that’s a given! You’ll definitely want to squeeze one of these to help with your contractions. 

Baby’s bag:

I’ll just be using her diaper bag for all of this. 

1. Swaddle blankets: one, two, three 

2. Zipper footies, gowns, and bows - a few. I did 3-4. I found this cute one at Walmart. Bow headbands are an amazon find. 

3. Socks

4. No scratch mittens - I went with these top rated ones from amazon. 

5. Burp cloths - i bought these muslin ones and these Burt’s bees ones. 

6. Diapers + wipes- hospital provides these but we always pack extra in our diaper bag incase we need to stop anywhere on the way home (usually to buy formula- we usually go off what they give baby at the hospital) 

7. Car seat cover (not pictured) - thank godddd for these! Especially now with covid, you need to keep your baby covered at all times. In the past we would just drape a blanket over the car seat whenever we would go out but you wouldn't believe the nerve of some people who will still try to see your baby. (Not with us, but i have heard of stories from friends!) - i like how it looks “complicated” which will defer people away. 

8. Pacifiers- hospital will give you some but definitely bring your preference. 

9. Swaddles- (not pictured) these are always great to have. 

Am I missing anything that I should pack? 

XO Christina