I'm back with an Amazon haul! These are a couple things I've ordered throughout the month that i love and were a huge hit from you guys.

First, this kimono

I'm obsessed with this one! I love the colors. and it's perfect for transitioning into summer. I'm 5'3 and the length is perfect.

This jumpsuit

This one is so good! Very comfortable. I own this one, and the short sleeve romper version as well.

This boho dress finally went on lightening deal. I had been eyeing it for a while an finally jumped when I saw it on sale. I'm planning to wear this in Thailand next year, but i'm sure you'll see it on me several times in between. Keep in mind, it is a wrap dress. When I first opened the package I was confused on how to tie it. It resembled a robe, so you will need to somehow tie both of the strings around you to create a "wrap".

Coffee Art stencils:

One day I will  learn how to do the fun art on top of coffee lol  but for now these will do! These are fun to design your lattes. They come in a pack of 38 and include a design pen. Also includes stencils for the holidays as well which is what sold me 😋.


I'm loving the bright color-block trend with these. 

Here  (colors) and here (black/gold). See everything: here 


Love these!! These are perfect for the summer. Other colors available as well.

Wet Brush:

If you haven't tried this brush you need to! This is the only brush we use in this house. Especially Adriana who has very curly hair. This is the only brush she likes because it doesn't hurt when we untangle her hair. 

I also ordered a new lipstick. This one is from NYX, and the color is natural. I love this color! Very versatile, and not too bright. I love their lip products. They are just as great as higher end brands but affordable. This color is the shade "natural".