24 HOURS IN LAS VEGAS (with kids)

Confession: I actually had no desire to visit Las Vegas. I've never seen so many people thrilled to go broke lol 😆 However, since we literately drove through Vegas on the way to Disneyland we figured why not?!

For Frankie and I, it was very overrated. I'm not sure if it was the 110 degree temps or what but after exploring for about 2-3 hours we were done. The city itself is kid friendly, however, just be mindful when walking along the strip. There were several inappropriate "cards" being passed out and thrown all over the ground, as well as people dressed inappropriately asking to take "photos" 😉

We were there for the 4th of July, so while the fountain show was going on, they were playing God Bless The USA.

For dinner, we grabbed some pizza from Sirrico's in "New York". It was good, and definitely tasted like good NYC pizza, but it was expensive! For a pie, it was about $26.

During all that walking, I was so happy that I had my rechargeable fan! 😆

We stayed in Vegas for one night, which was about 4 hours from Disneyland so it was a pretty easy drive that next morning. On the way, we stopped at the seven magic mountains.

When planning any trip, I like to browse pinterest for ideas on the local food, things to see/do in the area, and I came across the seven magic mountains. Of course we had to make a stop because look how pretty they are?!

Getting to the seven magic mountains from Vegas took about 30-40 mins, heading down the south end of the strip. It was maybe 10-15 mins to the California border from there.

Definitely worth a stop if you're in the area!