As promised, here is part two of our Disney trip. Saved the best for last - the FOOD! ;) I forgot to take pictures at some places but I remember what we ordered so it's listed below.

Disney Springs:
Sprinkle's: I got the dark chocolate cupcake and it was realllllllly good :)



Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Company: I got a latte with a character design ($5) This place is located right in front of the boathouse (the boat car "ride"). You can only get the design on a latte, and they give you a ton of options - i chose the minnie mouse.

 T-REX: This is another place that took me a few tries to get reservations for. I also used mouse dining to help me get a reservation and again it came through! I knew the kids would love it. The entire place is filled with dinosaurs that move and make noise every 20-30 minutes during the "meteor shower". It looks as if you're in a cave/under water. I went with the guac-asaurus burger and fries which was amazing. I couldn't finish it in one sitting so i took my leftovers to the room for later ;)

Pineapple Lanai- This is located inside the Polynesian resort. We stopped here for a dole whip. Of all the times we've gone to Disney, this was our first dole whip. It was really good. I got the regular dole whip, and Frankie got the dole whip custard which had vanilla ice cream in it. His was really good!

Magic Kingdom:

 The Crystal Palace: This is where we went for breakfast before the park opened up. It is a buffet, and also a character dining so you get o meet Winnie the Pooh and friends here.
 Sleepy Hollow & Starbucks: snack stops
This was the waffle with nutella and fresh fruit, and a coffee frappe.

Lunch: not pictured, whoops- but we went with Casey's Corner for hot dogs - something quick and easy that my kids would eat and not complain about. They each got the corn dog nuggets meal (which we ended up carrying around with us in those ziploc baggies i was telling you about!), and hubby and I split the foot long meal.

Be Our Guest- This is where we went for dinner. It was worth the hype. It's so pretty inside the castle and you get to meet the beast at the end. We ate in the west wing, which if you remember from the movie, it's the forbidden room.

Hubby and I both got the grilled strip steak, and the kids both got the beasts casserole which was macaroni and cheese with veggies.


We got the grey stuff for dessert. So good! ..."try the grey stuff, it's delicious!"

Mickey Ice cream sandwich. You can get these at any of the ice cream stands 

The plan was to do lunch "around the world" but with all of the rain on and off we only made it to a few places.
fish and chips & a lager from the UK

 cappuccino and desserts from Les Halles Boulangerie in France.

strawberry tart & parfait aux fruit (yogurt mousse)

this was the chicken platter at the Tangierine Cafe in the Morocco pavilion. I forget what Frankie got. I think it was the chef special or something like that (on the red tray)

Snacks- Croissant donut (cronut) from refreshment port.
 This was really good. Cinnamon-sugary dough, done!

Dinner- We had dinner at Via Napoli in Italy. We got the large quattro formaggi which is a white pizza, smothered in mozzarella, parmesean, fontina and provolone. Don't let the photo fool you, it was a pretty big pizza.

quattro formaggi 

Animal Kingdom:

smoked pulled pork sandwhich 
Mickey ice cream bars

Hollywood Studios:
 This was a very early morning for us. We took advantage of the extra magic hours at the park which were 7-8am, before the park opened, so we ate breakfast here. We got the breakfast bowls and raspberry lunch box tart from Woody's lunch box.  Of course I forgot to snap a pic of the breakfast bowls, fail! They were really good though. It was a mix of scrambled eggs, tater tots, and onions in gravy. The raspberry pop tart was pretty good too.
raspberry lunch box tart
 lunch- again, not pictured..sorry! We ate at backlot express. I normally have to scope out restaurants in advance to make sure the menu has something the kids would eat. We eat here every trip since they have chicken tenders and burgers, something we all like.

Mickey pretzel