instagram round up

Hi guys! Happy March!

It's a wild Friday night here...just kidding. We are home, lounging on the couch watching movies ;)
I've decided to do a weekly round up of my posts since they can sometimes go unseen with this new algorithm. Here are my outfits from the week, and things I've posted about on my stories. This is actually a lot easier since everything is now in one place.


  jacket  // jeans [1 2 ] // tee // shoes // tote // sunglasses

These are a few items that I mentioned on my beauty favorites post from last week, you can view that post here. I also shared these on my insta-stories and got a lot of positive feedback so I will leave them here. 

  Mean Girls "burn book" eyeshadow 

How CUTE are these sponges?! This pack is $15, which isn't bad, considering one sponge alone normally costs $6-7. They also had a two pack.

marble sponges here

I also shared some exciting news! In case you haven't heard, Target announced that they are partnering with HUNTER boots starting in April! (view info here) I am SO excited! As far as I have been told, they will be selling a ton of items, not just boots, and pricing will range up to $80. I am so excited because for kids, they run $55 a pair, which isn't too bad. However, if your kid grows like a weed, like mine, you will be buying a couple different pairs to keep up with their foot. I will definitely be buying multiple colors for me and Adriana. The line is scheduled to hit stores April 14, 2018, however if you have the Target red card, you will have early access to select items on April 7th!

I hope you all have a great weekend!