Ya'll know I love my psychological thrillers! Lately over the last few months, I've discovered new (to me) authors that I am loving! Last summer I purchased a much needed new kindle - I had the OG original - and wanted something more up to date, with color, and the use of a tablet to stream movies and shows. I chose the Kindle fire 10, and absolutely love it! With that purchase came a three month trial to kindle unlimited that I ended up keeping because I loved it. It’s $9.99 a month plus tax. To me, it made more sense to keep it. You figure you purchase one book for about $10-15 sometimes more or sometimes less. However, if you read a ton, it’s a huge benefit in paying the $9.99 a month. On average, I read about 20 books a month, sometimes even 2-3 books per day if they're short. I also use the "libby/overdrive" app - basically it's a library card that you get from your local library (it's free!) that allows you to "borrow" eBooks and audio books just as you can with a regular book from a library. Typically there is a waitlist, especially for popular books, which can be anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months. Some books are also available to borrow immediately. This is a great alternative to purchasing the kindle unlimited membership. I also do purchase books on my kindle because not all books are included in the unlimited or libby app. It's not very often that I have to buy books though. I would say 95% of my reading comes from kindle unlimited or the overdrive/libby app.

Here are a bunch of my favorite books from the last couple months. 

Colleen Hoover- Most of her books are included on kindle unlimited. That is where I discovered her. You can find all of her books here.

Meghan Quinn-

  • A Not So Meet Cute - loved this book! This was the book that got me into reading rom-coms (romantic comedies). This book had me laughing out loud.

    I'm currently reading other books by her. I will share those during my "spring reads" post that I have planned soon 😉 -  so far I love her writing style!

Tarryn Fisher- probably my favorite author! I love her writing style. 

Shari Lapena- also a huge favorite of mine! I've mentioned her books on here before, Find them here.

*some of these I read a few years ago but all are so good!

Frieda McFadden- I have read almost all of her books. All will suck you in from the beginning. I've read almost all of her books in one sitting. Find them all here.

  • The Surrogate mother
  • Do Not Disturb
  • The Locked Door
  • The Perfect Son
  • Do you remember?
  • One by one
  • The wife upstairs
  • want to know a secret?
  • The ex

Kiersten Modglin- She has a ton of books on kindle unlimited (all free with the service) and all of her books also suck you in from the beginning and I've finished in one sitting as well. I won't even try to name them all because she has so many. Find them all here.

Taylor Adams-
  • No Exit (soon to be a movie on Netflix!) This was an awesome book. Very fast-paced action thriller. I'm excited to see the movie.

T L Swan - The Miles High Club series - all super steamy! Reminds me of fifty shades of grey series.
  • The Stopover
  • The Takeover
  • The Casanova

Julianne MacLean -

  • These tangled vines - family drama and takes place in Italy. I did the audio book for this and loved it. I can't do audio for all books, it has to be something that really grabs my attention and this book did.

Jeneva Rose -

Riley Sager - love his books! 

Ella Maise - loved these two book of hers! Super cute and hilarious. Spicy scenes too!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. As always, feel free to contact me with more recommendations! I will try to post these more often, probably once a season (winter reads, summer reads, etc.)

* This post was not sponsored in any way, just sharing what I enjoy about the service and books i've been into *