Happy Monday! I wanted to share some travel Amazon finds this morning. I shared a travel post a few years back but figured it was time for an updated one! 

WEEKENDER OVERNIGHTER TOTE - This is a pretty decent tote for a carry on. I typically will use this bag to pack my kindle (I love to read), our passports and other important documentation. We are military so we travel quite a bit including international travel. So usually I pack our birth certificates, social security cards, all of that in here and keep it on me at all times. It's a perfect bag for that. I have also used it for an overnight bag. Fits under the airplane seat with no issues.

POWER BANK CHARGER - This is a good charger that gets the job done. It's small and compact so it doesn't take up much room at all if you need to throw it in our purse or bag.

HANGING TOILETRY BAG - I love this bag! Has plenty of room to include all of your necessities. I pack this with my makeup and other body care items.

TOILETRY BOTTLES - These bottles are perfect for TSA travel size requirements. I hate packing full bottles of things and these are the perfect size.

TOILETRY JARS - These are good for creams. I use these for my face cream, moisturizers, lotion, sunscreen, etc. Also TSA compatible.

LUGGAGE - Cute and durable spinner luggage. This is the large 28" size.

TRAVEL ADAPTER PLUG - Necessary for overseas travel. Enough said! This is the one for Europe and most of Asia. They have other countries available too.

PRIVACY LUGGAGE TAGS - These luggage tags are so cute. They're pretty basic but I love that they have a privacy protection cover. They have many color options available.

TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER - Standard toothbrush and toothpaste holder. I like this separate so my toothbrush isn't packed with my makeup bag getting dirty.

SLEEP MASK - This eye mask is LEGIT. Blocks out all light and the area around the eyes is pitted so there's no pressure on your eyes. I used to use this while I was working nights and it was the only way I could get some good sleep.

JEWLERY ORGANIZER - I love that this organizer has a spot for everything, especially necklaces so they don't get tangled. 

TRAVEL PILLOW + BLANKET - This travel pillow and blanket is perfect for the plane. You can even link it to your luggage for easy transport.

MAKEUP BRUSH CASE - This makeup brush is perfect to separate your brushes.

MAKEUP SPONGE HOLDER - This is amazing! I had no idea these makeup sponge holders existed. I used to hate putting my makeup sponge in my makeup bag with everything else and having the foundation wipe off onto other items. 

TRAVEL RAZOR - This razor is perfect for travel. I also like how it comes with refillable blades and a moisturizing bar for aftercare.

CORD + CABLE ORGANIZER - Does anyone else get irritated with the amount of cords they pack? This is great for separating ensuring no tangles. It's the little

* I may do another separate post on an overseas PCS for my military people (or those that may be curious). I wish I would have done the same when we moved to Europe a few years back because it would have been helpful for many. However, I didn't start my blog until after Europe so there's that. lol I regret it every day because I had a ton of travel opportunities and would have published some pretty decent travel guides and advice. 

I promise I will take ya'll along with me this time :) - I'll be announcing where we're moving to soon. So stay tuned for that.