Today's post is one of my favorite posts to put together: save vs splurge. It's where i put together some fun things that I've found browsing around the internet or purchased, at a higher end price tag and a budget friendly one. I'm always so excited when putting these together because I love a good deal!

We are heading to White Sands soon and I was browsing Lulu's (love this store!) for some new dresses and came across this super cute tiered dress. However, I noticed their version for $82 vs the amazon version I've also seen for $30! This is adorable and can be dressed up or down with heels or sandals.

Clare V Moyen Alice ($195) - I've had my eye on this bag since last summer. However, that price isn't something I want to pay because I know I will only use it for a little bit in the summer. So, I did some research and found a couple cheaper options. I ended up ordering this one  ($20!) , but also found some others like this one ($23), and this one  ($23.99). The only difference is the white strap. Also similar, but not as cheap as the other two options is this one

Anthropology Bali bag ($78) - I've also had my eye on a similar bag like this for the longest! To me, it screams Bali & Thailand - both places are on my bucket list to travel to in the next few years and you better believe this bag will be in my suitcase! I found and ordered an almost identical one here for $16!:  Rattan circle bag. I also found this one ($26.99) as well. 

Baublebar flamingo earrings vs this one ($17) and this one too  -These are adorable! I've also seen a ton of other cute options as well. I've linked them all under this post on my liketoknowit. 

Lululemon run times shorts ($58) vs Amazon $24! - These are literately IDENTICAL to my lulu's. I have both and love them both, nothing different about the amazon pair except the brand logo. I favorite part about both is the zippered pocket which comes in handy if you need to put your keys in there, or your ID. Amazon version is here.

Free People Rolling Stones tee ($68)  vs Target version ($15!) - This is a great alternative to the $68 version. Target always has the best tees for a fraction of the price! It's always the first place I look for graphic tees.

YSL heart sunglasses ($450) - vs  Amazon $10! - So, I ordered these heart sunnies from Amazon because I thought they were super cute! However, a couple weeks later I found out they were actually dupes to YSL ones that cost $450! I only paid $10 for mine! And they're identical!

Gucci square sunglasses $450 vs Amazon $13 - I've seen these everywhere! I don't own these because my face has a round shape and I don't think these would compliment me well, lol.

YSL Lou Camera Bag - VS similar option from Amazon - Okay, I may be biased because I have and love the Lou bag. However, if you're looking for something extremely similar, without breaking the bank, I found this Amazon one! I have a couple similar bags because I love the look of it. I also love having multiple colors without spending so much money, especially if i'll only use it a handful of times.

What are some items you've found for a fraction of the price?

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