Good morning! 

As you know, we are a Disney family. One of my goals has always been to visit all of the Disney parks all over the world, and thanks to the military moving us all over the globe, it has been easier for us to make that happen. We spent four days in Japan earlier this month. We flew into Narita, and stayed in Ueno (Tokyo), and did a day trip to a few places, Disney being one.

As I mentioned, we only had one day so we did both parks in one day. I would recommend spending one day at each park. I've heard you can buy your park tickets at a local 7-eleven, but I just used the kook app. For our family of 5 (toddler was free) we paid about $450-ish total, and that included both parks. I thought that was reasonable, considering in the USA we pay that amount for a park hopper for one person. To prepare you, there will be lines for EVERYTHING and I don't think fast pass exists here, I could be wrong. We were only about to do 2-5 rides at each park, depending on the lines. We waited in line for an hour for a churro, and about an hour for lunch. Just keep that in mind. I knew coming here we weren't going to be able to do everything, my plan was just to enjoy what we could. 

Stroller rentals are available in both parks just as they do in other Disney parks. We rented one in each park since we didn't bring her stroller with us this trip. The rental fee here was 1,000 yen (like $6 USD). If you plan to switch parks you'll need to return it and rent again in the other park. Super easy.


I knew I wanted to go to Disney Sea as the fist park because I wanted to see Ariel's playground after seeing it on social media for years so that's where we sprinted to first....


matcha white-chocolate popcorn, so good! Regretting not buying a bucket full.

flounder's coaster - super cute! comparable to slinky dog ride.



The seashell was an ice cream.

outfit linked HERE.


outfit linked HERE.

Off to Disneyland park....

Monorail isn't free; it requires a train ticket with you can buy there. The one I'm holding is an all day ticket which you can use for both parks.


The only thing I was upset about was not being able to try all of the food I had planned to try, and some of the rides. At every Disney park, we always make it a mission to do Haunted Mansion, Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Pirates, and Small World; all the classics. I love seeing how different the rides are within the parks. This time we were only able to do Small world, thunder mountain, and the kids did space mountain. I was bummed about not being able to do haunted mansion because the wait time was over two hours, but it was decorated like the nightmare before Christmas. 

But FYI, Tokyo Disney has the BEST Thunder mountain and Small world! 😉

Snow White outfit linked HERE.

My outfit is linked HERE.

Cutest vending machines, EVER.

This was some type of breadstick/"torta" with orange/chocolate filling inside. It was really good.

All of the Minnie ears were very cheap, like $12-$15 ($usd) a pair - in the states they cost about $40. I think everything we purchased, popcorn bucket included, was Tokyo exclusive which is amazing. 


Mickey nuggets and a Baymax burger

I also missed a couple photos .... lol one was the curry and rice in Disney Sea in the Aladdin area. It was really good! 

Every time we go to Disney in the states, I always see these cool exclusive popcorn buckets, and now I can finally join in on that fun. We got the monsters inc bucket, and a classic Tokyo Disney popcorn bucket that lights up. Another thing I noticed about these parks were that every popcornstand has multiple varieties of popcorn buckets. You can choose which themed bucket you want and they have it. In the past whenever we tried to get themed buckets they were always sold out so I thought this was amazing. I wish I would have taken a photo and gotten more buckets but as you can already imagine I was already tight on space for the flight back, lol. 


They do a firework show at the end similar to the other parks but we didn't stay. We saw them as we were leaving the park. The trains were ridiculously crowded coming into Disney and we didn't want to risk getting stuck waiting for a train when we had to be at the airport early the next morning.

                                The kids loved these cute hats. They had a bunch of different characters.


there's no tired, like Disney tired... lol

Next on my list is to explore Hong Kong and Shanghai Disney. Unfortunately being military, I think there are still restrictions on both of these countries. I am hoping we can make it to both parks at some point before we leave Asia because those are the only two parks we have left to visit before completing all of the parks :)

So, if you're contemplating going to Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea, as a Disney lover, I am telling you YES. Do it! Just enjoy the experience of Tokyo Disney with low expectations. 

TikTok video on the parks Here