As our time in El Paso comes to an end, I wanted to share this post that I have been working on since we arrived in 2019. Fort Bliss was the longest we were stationed in one spot, with the exception of Fort Bragg. We have enjoyed our time here (4 years) but are very excited for our next move. These places have been some of our favorites and go-to's in and around the city. Whether you are on orders to Fort Bliss or just visiting the city, I hope you enjoy!

Lemon Beaters lemonade- Random spot off 1-10. Really good lemonade, and they also serve corn dogs.

Kona Grill- Great spot for breakfast, lunch, dinners and drinks. They also have really good mimosas, and are $3 on Saturdays and Sundays 10am-2pm. Located in the fountains.

Pictured above is the macadamia nut French toast and the eggs Benedict - 10/10!


Sunny's sushi- great sushi. This place is located in the shopping center right across from Franklin High School. They also have multiple locations. 

Tugboat fish & chips- off Dyer street. Great place for lunch. We got a variety of catfish, shrimp, sushi.

Pho Tre Bien- 
Very good pho! Also located in the strip on Fred Wilson - same plaza as Brown Bag Deli. Pho is always my go to when I'm sick or not feeling well.

Sushi Garden- 
Another favorite sushi place of ours. My favorite is the spyder roll. So good!

Cafe Korea- Located off Dyer street. Really good food! I always get the bulgogi.

Kaedama -  SUPER CUTE ramen place off Mesa and by UTEP. I think I got the "thick boi"

Aki Sushi- Located in the substation, where the El Paso wall is. This was the first place we hit when we arrived here and were still living in the hotel. I know, why not straight to a taco shop? 😜This place has some of the best sushi around, not to mention they're huge!

Kee's Teriyaki & Sushi- hole in the wall place of Dyer street. The staff is very nice, and food is good!

Crazy Crab - located in the fountains. Good seafood spot.

Catfish Basket-  Hole in the wall place and the food is great!! Best catfish in El Paso! We always order the catfish, catfish nuggets and fries. It’s also a great place to find fried okra if that’s your thing. You won’t find that anywhere else in El Paso! 

Boozy Tacos & Tap: Great place for brunch, lunch, and mimosas.

La Terraza - cute spot for brunch.

A bite of Belgium- This is actually in Las Cruces, but a cute place to stop in if you're ever near.

Cassava - another realllllly good great Puerto Rican restaurant.

Buddy's beer barn/food truck park - lots of options. 


We loved Deadbeach, and Aurelia's.

Deadbeach Brewery - fun brewery downtown.

Taqueria Aaajiji - The best legit taco shop. We prefer local, small shop places vs chain restaurants.

Corner Bakery Cafe - This is extremely similar to a Panera Bread. This a great lunch place as they serve sandwiches, soups, and salads but not limited to other items as well.

Crave - great place for breakfast/brunch but they also serve other items too. I got the strawberry french toast.

La Madeline French bakery & Cafe-  We’ve been here a couple of times. We usually always order a salad and pastries and coffee. My favorite is the fruit tart. 

Nothing Bundt Cakes - I never heard of this bakery until we moved here but they have several locations around the states. Highly recommend this place. The cakes are SO good. They also deliver. If you sign up for rewards they will sen you a free mini bundt for your birthday.

Brown Bag Deli - small shop deli located off Fred Wilson near Sheridan gate/Fort Bliss. Really good sandwiches. And they're huge! Kids meals are just $1.99! In the Philly/Jersey area we call these hoagies. 10/10 recommend! 


New Clock Restaurant - a great spot for breakfast if you’re wanting more of a diner type of place to eat. I ordered the pancakes and eggs. Looks super basic but if you just want good, homestyle type of food - this is the place to go. Cheap too! 

BLDG 6 Coffee Roasters - Great coffee spot. We sometimes buy our coffee beans from here as well. 

The Dapper Doughnut- cute little mini donut shop! Lots of fun varieties and flavors. 

Summer Moon coffee-  I think this place is a “Texas” thing but I am SO glad we found it! They are known for their “moon milk” which is their signature sweet cream. I got the cinnamoon latte and devoured it within seconds. It’s comparable to Starbucks cinnamon dolce latte but Summer Moon wins for that drink! 

The Kitchen at 150 Sunset: This french toast definitely needed a spot on here. One of the best French toasts I've ever had. Great mimosas too.


Pizza :

Being from the NJ/Philadelphia/NYC region, my top 3 places are: 
Pizza Joint, The shack slice and brew, and Grimaldi's.

Grimaldi's Pizzeria- great pizza spot. Comparable to NY style. The restaurant is even decorated like NYC. 

The Pizza Joint- If you want NY style pizza, this place is it! There are 3 different locations in El Paso. Grimaldi’s was really good and comparable to NY pizza as well but I would say the pizza joint would be number one! Be aware: the pizza and the pizza box are massive. It will barely fit in your car.

The shack slice & brew-  located on McRae blvd. Great spot for pizza and beer. Inexpensive ad good food.

Track One- the best wing spot in El Paso! My favorite is the buffalo. This place was actually voted the number one wing spot in El Paso.

Carlos & Mickey's (Mexican) - One of the top rated place for Mexican. Margaritas are GREAT!

L&J Cafe- (Mexican)- The other most raved about Mexican restaurant alongside Carlos and Mikey's.

Italian food: 
This needed it's own little section...

My top 3 Italian places are: Italian Kitchen, Trattoria Bella Sera, and Monteleone's.

Italian Kitchen- Great place for Italian food. The building is actually in an older house so it is small but worth it. I forgot to take a picture of my food but I got the manicotti which was great. Came with a salad and bread.

Trattoria Bella Sera- the best Italian restaurant in the city! 10/10 recommend! Check out the reviews. We went for lunch and i got the baked ravioli. We also got the lemon berry mascarpone wedding cake and it was amazing! Big enough to share. The inside of the restaurant is decorated like Tuscany. So pretty! 


Monteleone's- For four years we always drove by this place off gateway. I wore it was a detective business, haha. I actually stumbled across this place on the Syfy channel, paranormal witness show. It was featured on season 3, episode 3. I did some digging and found out it was a well known and raved about Italian restaurant. The food was amazing! The vibe is creepy and I love it! Definitely check out that episode and stop in. The staff is great and so is the food. Check out my Tiktok on this place here.

Maracas y Sabor - if you want LEGIT Puerto Rican food, try this place! There are i think 4 other Puerto Rican restaurants in El Paso, and we’ve tried them all, but we prefer this place! They are located across from the outlets. They close at 6 though, so if you want something in particular you need to call ahead and order or get there early. This place is also known for their cuban sandwich and it is ON POINT! Frankie and I always share it because its huge. Some of our other favorites are the alcapurias, relleno de papa, and tostones with the mayoketchup. 


Cattleman’s Steakhouse - the best steakhouse in El Paso! It’s actually located in Favens, which was about a 40 minute drive for us. It is pricy, but worth it!!!  I got the NY strip and lobster and it was the best lobster I ever had. There’s so much to do there. They have a petting zoo as well as a ton of other things. However, we went during the end of covid so not everything was open yet. 10/10 recommend this place at least once during your time in the city. 

Our favorites were Rosco's and Toro burger.

Rosco's Burger Inn- the best place for burgers in El Paso (Toro burger would be number two!) They have something called the "everything burger" which is just that - it has everything on it.  Two burgers, a grilled cheese sandwich, two hot dogs and more. 


Toro Burger Bar - burgers are really good and huge. Kid friendly. There are two locations; off Montana and off Zaragoza. 

 *** By the time I finished this post, Tik Tok became really popular. Therefore, I have more places on there that may not be mentioned on this post so make sure to check those out! 

I linked some below:

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