Happy Monday!

If you're looking to read some "Halloween" books, these all go great with the fall/spooky vibe. 

ALICE FEENY : DAISY DARKER - This is the second book that I read by Alice Feeny. I really liked this one. I did it on audio which kept me intrigued the whole time. There is a huge twist at the end! 

JENNIFER HILLIER : THINGS WE DO IN THE DARK -  This was a good read. The first line of the book had me hooked, lol. Kept me guessing the entire book.

SARAH ALDERSON : THE CABIN IN THE WOODS - This was good. I did it on audio and it kept me guessing on what was going on.

JASON REKULAK : HIDDEN PICTURES - This was good! I did it on audio though so I didn't get to see any of the drawings like you would in the book. I would suggest to read the book vs audio, just so you can see the creepy photos.

FREIDA MCFADDEN : NEVER LIE - Freida never lets me down. I have read every single one of her books and I love them all! Never Lie is her newest and perfect for the month of October as it takes place in a "haunted house". It kept me guessing until the very last page. Every single assumption I had on each character was wrong. Definitely a must read!

RILEY SAGER - LOCK EVERY DOOR - I'll be honest. I struggle with his books. I'm not sure what it is but I can't get into any of them or I just get bored. I'm not sure if it's because I do some on audio? This one I did find enjoyable though.

ALEX NORTH : THE WHISPER MAN - This one is perfect as it has thew creepy/spooky vibes for this time of the year. I read this one last year but thought it was perfect to share for the fall books just incase you're wanting something creepy for this time of the year.

FELIX BLACKWELL : STOLEN TONGUES - If you're heading out to a cabin this fall or winter and need a "creepy" type of book in that setting, this is it! I read this last year and knew I had to share it for this time of the year. 

MOLLY DOYLE : SCREAM FOR US - Okay, before I get into this one I just want to give a warning on the level of "spicy" in this book. It's the entire book!!!! I'm still new to spicy reads (Thanks to Meghan Quinn and Lucy Score to name a few) I was just mainly psychological thrillers/mystery but I lam loving the spicy books!! This book takes place on Halloween, perfect time! Super short (122 pages) but ya'll....don't say I didn't warn you with the spiciness, lol. There is a part two that is more "winter" so I'm saving that book for winter reads....

H.D. CARLTON : SATAN’S AFFAIR - This is also a "spicy" warning lol. I'm a part of all of these reading groups on Facebook, one being "spicy booktok" - this is where I found all of the halloween themed spicy books, lol. This was highly recommended to read after reading "scream for us". The vibe is a bit different as it's pretty gory, but I enjoyed it. Honestly, I'm still trying to comprehend what the heck I just read (lol) - but it was a perfect read for Halloween time.

H.D. CARLTON : HAUNTING ADELINE - This genre is "gothic romance" which is new to me but overall this was a good one. There is a part two, which I have not started yet, but definitely start with this one. This was my second book by H.D. Carlton, and I have enjoyed her books so far.

If you read any of these, let me know what you think. Also, if you have any recommendations to add to this list, please let me know. I am always open to reading new books and trying new genres.