We are pregnant with baby number 3! I am currently almost 20 weeks, and due in February with a baby girl! We are all super excited. 

It’s been almost nine years since my last pregnancy and so many new things have come out and the maternity clothes are actually cute now 😉

In the upcoming weeks and months, I plan to share some pregnancy style/fashion inspo, as well as must have items since this is my third pregnancy. We did a lot of trial and error with the first two and knew for this third baby, we only wanted what was actually necessary, and not end up buying more than we need. 

If i’m being completely honest, i hated pregnancy the first two times. This time, i am actually loving it! I love creating comfortable, but still cute and stylish, outfits. The last two pregnancies i lived in yoga pants and barely wore makeup, ha! Weeks 6-14 were terrible as far as exhaustion goes. I could get a good nine hours of sleep in, and still wake up drained. After week 14,  i felt a lot better! I’ve been pretty lucky to still be able to get a workout in everyday (minus 2-3 weeks in the beginning) and i have been eating pretty clean for the most part.  

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