Today I'm sharing THREE Valentine gift guides! (her, him, and kids) First one up is the gift guide for her. I love surprising my friends with cute little gifts like this. If you're looking for ideas for your spouse, co-worker, teacher gifts, best friend, etc - here are a couple of my favorite things. BONUS - all of these items are from TARGET 😊

1. Face mask - always a good idea! There are so many to choose from. This one is a primrose mud mask.
2. Coffee mug for the coffee obsessed! Don't forget to fill it with some chocolate (my FAVORITES are lindt & dove!) and a gift card to their favorite coffee spot! 😉 If you're feeling generous, you could always do x amount for coffee, and x amount to their favorite lunch spot (panera, chick fil a ) - switch it up!
3. Make up bags - you could fill one of these with a new lipstick, lip gloss, chocolate, a fun bath bomb, and this cute polish from Essie.
4. Candle - always a favorite of mine!!!! This one is Rose scented
5. Bath bombs - always perfect for when you want to unwind and relax from a long day at work. These are also rose scented and come in a bag of six.
6. Wine - Wine is always good! You could also pair it with this cute stainless steel wine tumbler that keeps your wine cold (win!) You could also pair this with a cute pair of socks(here and here). (I'm a sucker for cozy socks!)


1. MUG - for the coffee drinker! Don't forget to fill it with some chocolate and maybe some gift cards for coffee, lunch, a massage.
2. Cologne - My husband loves this one from Dior. It smells SO good!
3. Cigar glass - how cool is this? The glass has a built in slot to hold a cigar. I bought this for my husband and he loves it!
4. Cute boxers - always fun
5. Mini hot sauce - You could also do those hot sauce/bbq sauce samplers
6. YETI cup - perfect to keep his coffee hot, or his beer cold 😉
7. drinking rocks - you freeze the "rocks" and then just dump some in your cup to prevent watering down your drink with ice.
8. Candle - to make his office smell nice
9. Heated massage pillow - perfect if he has a job where he is sitting down a lot. If he does, chances are he's complaining his back hurts, lol.
10. Growler tote- to carry around his favorite beer


*also all from Target 😉

Most of these items are geared for children under 10. My kids are 11 & 6 so my little one would have the most fun with these items. My oldest is just into the xbox (insert eyeroll) but he does like to read, loves candy (like any other kid) and loves mugs & socks (hmm wonder where he got that from?!)
1. Activity book
2. Cute Socks! Perfect for any age Marvel, Scooby Doo, Star Wars, Unicorn
3. cute sloth
4. chapstick & hand sanitizer (target dollar spot!)
5. Sloth Mug & Hedgehog mug - super cute idea! You could fill this with some candy, the chapsticks/sanitizer, bath bomb, socks, maybe even a gift card for ice cream or their favorite fast food place.
6. Love bomb & Candy bomb- my kids love bath bombs!
7. Sugar cookie kit- Comes with a heart shaped cookie, frosting & sprinkles (no baking required!)
8. A new book

If your kids are older, I would stick to the coffee mug idea and just fill it with fast food gift cards, candy, maybe an xbox online gift card? And mind you- when i say gift card, I mean under $15! We don't spoil our kids for Valentines day, it's more of just a little treat.