January 3, 2019


Happy New Year! Today i'm sharing six of the most stylish (and comfiest) shoes that are perfect for on the go! If you have kids, you know how challenging it can be in the mornings to get everyone out of the house and head to the store, appointments, etc. I know for me, I'm a "throw it on and go" type of mom. Even if you don't have kids yet and are just looking for style and comfort, you're in the right place! I own and love all of these 😊

(left side: top to bottom)

Adidas superstar sneaker - go down 1 size (maybe even 1 1/2 down)  I got a 7 and would probably be more comfortable in  6 1/2 (i'm normally an 8 in sneakers)

Adidas flashback sneaker - go down 1 size

Naturalizer "Marianne" sneaker For slip ons like this I go down 1 full size for a snug fit

(right side: top to bottom)

Toms slip ons TTS

Keds "champion" sneaker - I wore these alllllll over Disney world and they were great! (TTS)

Converse Shoreline TTS

** I hate when I purchase a pair of "no show" socks and you can still see the sock so I wear liner socks with any of these **


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