Good morning, friends! Today's post is all about what we buy on Amazon. I've had this blog post in the works for a while now, just haven't had the time to finish and publish it until now 😉 Frankie and I are constantly asked where we purchase some of our fitness products so I thought it would be fun to incorporate those items into this blog post with a huge round up of our favorite items we purchase on there. You can also view all of these items and more on my Amazon favorites tab at the top of my page here.

For starters, we have amazon prime and yes, it's worth every penny. If you have been debating on getting prime, just do it! You get free 2 day shipping on every purchase (has to be a prime item), and free returns. I will also add, if you are a college student, you get a discount on your membership which is SO convenient as a student.

Our most purchased items on amazon are fitness products. We get our wrist straps, squat bar pad (it's pink!), and similar things from there. I also purchase our shaker cups and meal prep containers ($13!) from there. They're so cheap and you can choose different varieties as far as colors and compartments go. Sports bras can be pricey, especially if you're busty like myself. I like this four pack that I found on there. You get four for the price of one. I also love elastic hair ties. Nothing drives me more crazy than having a crease in my hair from my hair tie. As far as what supplements we use and all of that good stuff, you can view that here. For those that are interested, i am (slowly) starting to upload some of our workouts to my fitness highlights tab on Instagram so be sure to follow me on there.
It's no secret that I am a military wife. With that being said, we normally have to go to formal events (balls) at least once or twice a year, which can get expensive if you're someone that purchases a new dress every year. I don't mind recycling the same dress (at different installations) but I like variety. I also want different looks every year. Well, guess what? Some of my dresses come from amazon! Yes, that's right. And you know what? I've received more compliments on those dresses (that look high end) more than I did on the gowns i spent much more on. The quality is pretty damn good. (make sure to read reviews on sizing before purchase) I love seeing the look on people's faces when they ask me where I got my dress and they expected me to say a high end store 😉


dress | clutch (both under $50!) 

Speaking of clothing......

I also purchase a lot of basics on amazon such as dresses, scarves, and accessories. I own dresses and blanket scarves like this in pretty much every color, lol. In the fall, my "OOTD" usually consist of dresses like these, with scarves and riding boots. I am also obsessed with these sneakers. I love pretty much any sneaker made by Adidas. They make the most comfortable sneakers, especially if you're a runner. Their shoes typically run big (in my opinion) so I always size down.
I just got this hat in the mail and i love it! I had been looking for a cute, wool fedora that didn't cost $100 and I found this one for $16! The smoking flats are also a favorite. I always get a ton of compliments on them. Same with the sunglasses.

This is the make-up organizer I have. I was always obsessed with the ones seen on the Kardashian's but refused to pay $500 for them. I found this identical one on Amazon for under $35. You can also add on to it if needed, but it works for what I have. I also love this nail polish holder and the nail salon vibes it gives by nailing it to the wall to free up space.

old pic from this post

Another favorite purchase was the kindle fire that we got for the kids. Of course we love apple products, but for the kids we wanted something durable that they weren't going to break, or crack the screen easily. Even if something did happen it's okay because we didn't spend that much money on it. If the fire is something that you've had your eye on, do it! It's a great tablet for kids, as well as adults. You can get them as low as $30 on black Friday! I'm a huge reader, so I also own one of these and i love it. I love being able to download my books right onto there and not having to carry a ton of books around wherever I go. One thing I recently discovered is that you can still borrow library books and digitally download them onto your kindle and you just "return" them with a click when you're finished. You can also watch movies and TV shows on there as well as manage your kids' tablets/parental controls (screen time) It's all connected to your prime account. Our kids (6 and 11) take these with them everywhere and they are still going strong a few years later.

You guys already know I love photography and creating content for ya'll so I also purchase things for my camera on there like this lens. I shoot with a Canon Rebel and I love this lens! It takes very detailed shots. I use this mainly for blog posts and travel because it has a super zoom. If you're just getting into blogging, social media, or just photography in general, i highly suggest this lens. It's a great lens and a great starter.

Other items we purchase include these sheets (look at the reviews!) lots of travel items such as ponchos, hand held fans, portable charger, fire stick, and this hiking backpack. I used this backpack all throughout Europe. It has a ton of room, waterproof, and is extremely light weight. We also LOVE Gio's action cam. We take this with us whenever we travel. In fact, we took this with us to Disney world and Frankie held it on most of the rides and the quality is insane! We had so much fun looking back after our trip and watching all of the videos we got and seeing the kids' reactions on the rides. It records videos, takes photos, and is waterproof! It also comes with pretty much everything you need (except the sd card) so that you can mount it, hold it, whatever you want to do with it. I also love this 9 pack of gallery wall frames.

What are some of your favorite purchases?